The ultra luxury vacation home

Julisam: The Chalet: 5 Bedrooms on 1000 sqm

  • Luxurious and spacious offering for up to 10 people
  • Magnificent view
  • Unique design
  • Pool, fitness, movie theater, 3 indoor and outdoor playgrounds
  • The summary with Facts, Figures and Rates
  • If you need even more space: The Estate with 20 beds

Julisam and the vast space ...

Nothing could ever prepare you for the pulse-quickening experience when you will see for the first time the duo of buildings that make up Julisam – perched high above the idyllic mountain pastures, where the narrow mountain road widens and the view couldn’t be any more beautiful.

Then, when you enter the generous living room of the main house with its breathtaking view from the almost five-meter tall windows from ceiling to floor, it seems that this room hovers over the valley floor like an eagle’s nest, and you take a deeper breath, your chest broadens, and the indescribable feeling of complete relaxation descends upon you and you know in that moment, beyond any doubt, that you have arrived for what will be your dream vacation ...

5 sound-insulated bedrooms, a huge living room with a grand piano with self-playing option and a professionally equipped kitchen, a 14-meter pool, a fitness room with indoor rock-climbing wall, a home theater with a 3.6-meter screen, a delightful indoor playroom and 5 garage spaces: Everything is generous, bright and spacious:

Julisam is much more than just an ultra-luxurious vacation home: It is an experience that you and your family will never forget.

The chalet has a residential area of about 1,000 square meters.

If you need even more space, we can additionally offer you the guest house, which is just a few steps away and features another 10 beds as well as a generously sized living room, dining room and kitchen: The Estate.

Julisam for children

Maybe you want to come with your family and bring your children. We can only recommend it and would be pleased to welcome them: Your kids are going to love it! After all, Julisam was built by a family with three generations and 4 children.

This is the reason Julisam is a paradise for families with kids: The experience begins during the elevator ride from the garage to the house: You will be traveling past an interactive virtual alpine landscape with mooing cows and chirping marmots: The ladybug buzzing through the image makes cute sounds when you tap on it...

The attractions continue on the next floor: The pool is equipped with a great variety of water toys, and you can jump through water fountains from floor-based nozzles or play with the fish in the virtual aquarium.

Behind the pool is the fitness room, which also facilitates adventures for kids: The rock-climbing wall also includes two tracks for children where even your youngest can practice climbing. If you slip, your fall is softened by a foam mat with a thickness of 40 cm.

Also located on this floor is the lavishly appointed home theater where you can do much more than watch the latest Disney movies, since it also includes a PlayStation that provides fun entertainment on the 3.6-meter screen.

Let’s continue our elevator ride to the next floor: Opposite the bedrooms, which can be furnished appropriately for children, a children’s play paradise awaits. Charmingly crafted by a playground builder, this indoor wonderland includes secret tunnels, a ball pool, a children’s play store and – no surprise here! – another PlayStation with a large screen.

On the top floor, the entry door opens up to one of the two outdoor playgrounds with a large competition trampoline, a swing set and a sandbox.

The second playground is located 40 meters below, lined with a natural stone wall and a hedge of alpine roses: This playground features a small soccer pitch with artificial grass, a fountain and a long slide through the romantic garden landscape.

Needless to say, the children's adventures won’t stop at Julisam’s property boundaries: There are multilingual ski instructors, charming child care professionals for when the parents wish to visit one of the 5 star-rated restaurants in the area, not to mention other attractions such as pony rides, climbing gardens, petting zoos, summer sledding, etc.: All the things that make your kids happy.

Your concierge knows all of them.

For additional information, images and videos: A Paradise for Children

Julisam and cultural attractions

Maybe you are here for more than the great outdoors and the chalet itself and wish to get to know Austria’s cultural offerings:

Julisam is the ideal point of departure for a visit to Salzburg, the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It has been a global cultural center ever since with its famous Salzburg festival in the summer and almost equally interesting events in the spring and fall.

Your concierge would only be too happy to assist you in selecting your favorite event and will organize transportation to and from the event.

But it is not just opera, musical theater and concerts that can add cultural highlights to your vacation at Julisam: The whole region features a great variety of old towns with historic sights: First and foremost, there is the old part of Salzburg, which seems to have remained unchanged since the times of Mozart, with its immaculate cafés and restaurants and “Getreidegasse” with its charming little shops in historic buildings at the center of it all.

Nearby, the town of Kitzbühel also exudes lots of charm and history with its pretty street cafés and lots of international celebrities.

The city of Kufstein with its impressive fortress is worth seeing, too, as is the town of Rauris, in contrast, with its history as the world’s center for gold mining: You can still rent the equipment and book a professional guide in Rauris to pan for gold from the creek.

If you cannot enjoy all of these numerous cultural attractions in the surrounding area during the span of your vacation (which likely feels too short), you can instead create your own private concert at the Julisam chalet by inputting your favorite piano concert into the Yamaha grand piano: This electromechanical miracle relies on the Internet to provide you with any piano concert of your choice with the world’s best pianists – not via speakers but with moving keys and hammers on a world-class grand piano.

When enjoyed in combination with the 5-meter tall acoustic-optimized ceilings of your living room with the panoramic view of the magnificent mountain landscape in these heavenly surroundings, you wouldn’t be the first guest moved to tears of happiness during the experience.

Slightly less remarkable (since the music emanates from speakers) but no less impressive would be a concert experience or your favorite movie in Julisam’s incredible home theater.

The work of light art on the western wall with the artistic photograph of a blood moon night with a view over the Leogang valley will make you pause for thought as you enter this room.

When the professional 11.1 speaker system starts up, you may be torn between wanting to see and listen to the concerts in Salzburg or staying right here to enjoy Julisam’s home theater.

And, in contrast to Salzburg, our home movie theater can render rock concerts or the latest blockbuster with your favorite actors in simply breathtaking quality.

Julisam and sports

All the winter or summer sports opportunities in the region are so numerous that they are more than the sports enthusiasts in your group will be able to take advantage of during your stay.

But you may also just stay in and still sink into bed happily exhausted at night: Not only is the gym perfectly furnished with equipment by Technogym and Life Fitness but also offers an indoor climbing wall where you can test your skills.

You can cool down after exercising in the 14-meter pool or do a 1,000-meter crawl, if you like.

Perhaps you will join others relaxing in the sauna or whirlpool adjacent to the swimming pool afterwards.

For additional information, images and videos: The Location

Julisam and the design

From a distance, you will sense at once that Julisam is special and unique as masterfully expressed in terms of architecture and design:

Naturally rough, almost white and lightly shimmering alpine marble rich in crystal and quartz from nearby Rauris gives the facade its distinctive look that characterizes Julisam’s exterior presentation. Spectacularly bright and elegant, with an aura of glamour and abundant joie de vivre, the facade just radiates light in a variety of ways depending upon the position of the sun.

Architecture and design are alpine in style, yet different:

The light, the view, the regionally sourced construction materials and the service providers with their strong sense of quality: Nowhere else will you feel closer to the Austrian Alps than here, despite the fact that – or maybe because – Julisam feels and looks so different from the very masculine classic alpine buildings with their small windows and dark wood.

A touch of glamour is also imparted by the shiny lacquer of the grand piano or the shimmering stainless steel of the pool table, continuing in the gleaming Sicis mosaic tile in the bathrooms or the first-quality bathroom fixtures by Graff.

Julisam and the environment

Surely you will be aware that all this luxury requires a lot of energy. So we take pride in stating that operations at Julisam are entirely CO2-free, thanks to geothermal heat pumps, self-generated solar power and the green power provided by Salzburg AG. In this regard, Julisam is the luxury retreat of the future.

Julisam and giving back

And, should you ultimately feel just a little guilty that it’s almost too wonderful to believe that you are spending such an ultra-luxurious vacation here, take heart in the knowledge that Julisam donates part of your rental fee to an organization assisting children and parents who are less fortunate in life.

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Julisam: Design
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Imagine: Your vacation at an ultra-luxury chalet with a 200-square-meter wellness oasis just for you
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Julisam: Relaxed Sleep
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Julisam: Music and Movies
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Julisam: Sustainability
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A day in one of the most luxurious vacation homes in Europe
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An unforgettable Christmas gift for you and your loved ones

Julisam: The estate: 10 bedrooms with 1,800 square meters of residential space

If you are traveling with a larger group or a family of three generations, Julisam has the perfect solution for you:

Just a few steps away from the chalet but still conveniently separate, we offer you – additionally to the chalet – the guest house with another five bedrooms and approx. 800 square meters of usable residential space. Like the chalet, it has a huge living and dining room with a professionally equipped kitchen. There is also a stylish stainless steel pool table, a sauna, a hot tub on the patio and five parking spaces in the garage.

Combined with the chalet, you have 10 bedrooms on approx. 1,800 square meters.

Kitzbühel, Salzburg, Zell am See: At the center of everything.
And yet above.

At the center

Whatever you wish for in an alpine vacation: With Julisam, you have reached your destination.

You are at the center of a gigantic winter and summer sports arena (depending on the definition, maybe the world’s largest one); you are at the center of a wonderful natural and cultural environment; you are vacationing at the center of a region with romantic old towns, in the midst of sensational sports and cultural events; and even for a shopping vacation you have come to the right place.

You are at the center and yet hovering above, in your surreally beautiful retreat, 100 meters above the valley floor.

The journey

First of all, “at the center” means that your trip here and back home will be quick: For example, if you travel by plane, it only takes one hour by car from the Salzburg airport, 2 hours from Innsbruck and 2.5 hours from Munich.

Winter sports

With the SuperSkiCard, Julisam is located at the center of a skiing area with 2,700 kilometers of slopes!

From “Kitzbüheler Streif” over the deep-snow pistes near Fieberbrunn, from Saalbach/Hinterglemm to the more than 3,000-meter Mount Kitzsteinhorn near Zell am See: During your vacation, you couldn’t come close to exhausting the possibilities of this gigantic ski area if you tried.

If you are an excellent skier with great stamina looking for an interesting challenge, try this one: On any day in Leogang and surroundings, you can cover 12,400 meters of cumulative elevation gain and 65 slope kilometers in seven hours without ever using the same lift twice ...

For more information, please check out “The Challenge” on the website of Saalfelden/Leogang.

With 2 cableways to the Asitz mountain, Leogang offers you the ideal start into this huge area. Since the Asitz valley run is north-facing, you can be assured that you can ski or snowboard all the way back to town in any and all snow conditions.

Summer sports

You don’t have to go up the mountains in order to enjoy the magnificent panoramic views around you: Drive a few kilometers into the valley and you will find a golf course at the other end where you can view the surrounding peaks from below.

Golf in the Alps – surrounded by snow-covered mountaintops – is particularly idyllic, and not only in the spring or fall: Even in the summer, it is a much less sweaty affair than in southern European locations.

Hiking and rock-climbing
The information on the storied network of hiking trails and via ferratas, which have been lovingly mapped by the Saalfelden/Leogang tourism office in its hiking and climbing maps, are only hinted at without an in-depth presentation of the topic here.

In the summer, this arena is frequented by cyclists, hikers, climbers or simply by those seeking tranquility:

Of course, the most spectacular thing to see are the downhill mountain bikers with their martial outfits.

Over the past few years, a somewhat less spectacular but really nice sport has taken the Alps by storm for a much broader audience: With an E-bike and a manageable effort, you can get to mountain cabins and restaurants you could only dream of in the past.

In summary: Whether summer or winter – THIS IS THE ULTIMATE SPORTS OFFERING.

Eating and drinking

Of course, there is more to life than sports – even on vacation: Food and drink keep body and soul together, too.

In this respect, you are also right at the center with Julisam: In Leogang alone – without counting the more distant surroundings – 14 stars by Gault-Millau are to be found.

Another form of gastronomy are the wonderful hospitality gardens and alpine cabins in this unique mountain region: A typical Austrian snack after a hike, a bike tour or during a ski day while enjoying the infinite views over mountains and valleys has a quality all of its own.

The issuing organization of the SuperSkiCard has counted more than 700 such cabins and mountain restaurants in its region.

And this could be another sport for which the SuperSkiCard can be used: You start in Kitzbühel, dine your way through Saalbach and on to the breathtaking summit restaurant on Mount Kitzsteinhorn, each day experiencing new epicurean delights on a different mountain ...

The old town centers: Romanticism and shopping

You will have a hard time finding more romantic towns in all the world than around Julisam and the Austrian states of Tyrol and Salzburg:

Let’s start again in nearby Kitzbühel with its trendy restaurants and swanky boutiques.

Salzburg isn’t far either: “Getreidegasse” is famous for its exclusive stores and the fortress affords an unforgettable view of the picturesque old town center below.

When you are driving your car toward the Inntal valley, the sights are located in sequence, almost like a string of pearls. From Rattenberg and Hall in Tyrol to Innsbruck with its “Golden Roof”: A world full of charm and romanticism opens up, in which there are not just kitschy souvenir stores but also fine Austrian foods, folklore fashion and high-quality jewelry, watches and boutiques with designer fashions.

Adventures in nature

With the irresistible beauty of the Leogang valley at your feet and at the foot of the spectacular rock faces of the 2,600 meters high Birnhorn mountain lies Julisam, separated only by a small forest. To the south, the grassy mountains stand in harmony with the valley and all of this is surrounded by breathtaking natural monuments, for example:

Mount Grossglockner with its famous high alpine road Hochalpenstrasse: The “Pasterze,” which can be reached from the top of Hochalpenstrasse, is the largest glacier in Austria.

Via cableway: Mount Kitzsteinhorn with the “Gipfelwelt 3000” viewing platform – a high alpine experience in a class of its own. Warning: Take along warm clothing!

Only 20 minutes by car, witness the Saalachtal valley’s exhilarating power of nature with 2 dizzying gorge hikes and the Lamprechtshöhle cave and experience a fascinating display of nature.

The Hohe Tauern national park with such attractions as the Krimml Waterfalls or the Mittersill national park center are virtually on your doorstep.

All of this is just an example: You are at the center ...


With Julisam, you are also at the center of a constellation of internationally renowned events: above all, the Salzburg Festival with the top stars of classical music and theater. Every year from the second half of July until the end of August.

At any time of the year, attending a concert or opera in Salzburg or Innsbruck is a world class cultural experience.

For cultivated jazz aficionados, there is a three-day, internationally renowned jazz festival in August with artists from all over the world, right on your doorstep.

The best-known sporting event in the closer surroundings, which takes place annually, is the so-called “ Hahnenkamm-Rennen” in Kitzbühel at the end of January, which is regularly attended by many celebrities.

But there are also other things to see all year round: For example, visit an event of the Mountain Bike World Cup, which regularly takes place almost within sight of Julisam: It will take your breath away.

You are at the center. Yet hovering above.

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Visit Salzburg and stay in ultimate luxury at the Julisam chalet
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Ultimate luxury chalet in skiing heaven
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Leogang: Seasons and Nature
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Leogang: In the Heart of Europe

  • 3 indoor and outdoor playgrounds
  • Swimming, diving, climbing
  • Entertainment all around ...

Perhaps you will bring children or grandchildren:

If that is the case, you are in for big eyes and red cheeks from all the excitement: There is so much to do and experience at Julisam and in the surroundings for children of all ages, because Julisam is designed for families with children.


The interactive display screen during the elevator ride from the garage to the residential area has a surprise that will captivate children’s attention so much they will not want to leave: First they are eyed by a pair of curious marmots, then the camera pans past grazing cows over an alpine pasture all the way up to a twittering robin.  Simply charming!

When you leave the elevator at Level 2, you will see two great attractions that may make your children insist on coming back year after year:

Swimming, diving and climbing

One is the gigantic indoor pool area (fitted with a locked child-proof door) with the warm, 14-meter pool and a great variety of children’s attractions: from water polo, volleyball and diving games in the pool to jet nozzles spraying heated water inviting children to play. There is even an interactive virtual aquarium and an adjacent whirlpool that parents with small children will find very relaxing.

We keep lots of toys for the pool on hand, from diving masks and beach balls to flotation devices. Of course, there are also swim vests and water wings for safety.

Right next to the pool, the climbing wall at the gym, secured with a thick fall protection mat, invites kids to climb.


The home movie theater is a particular favorite for older kids, since it offers the unique opportunity to use the PlayStation 5 on a 3.6-meter (142 inches) screen. And their younger siblings can get misty-eyed while watching their favorite Disney movies.

Indoor and outdoor playgrounds

On Level 3, children up to age 10 will get excited when they see the indoor playground conceptualized and constructed by Wehrfritz.

And to make sure the older kids won’t get bored, we installed another (large!) TV set with gaming console there, so they don’t get constantly disturbed by the grown-ups – like in the living room or the home movie theater. 😀

For vacations during the warmer time of year, the exterior area offers two outdoor playgrounds, each with a large competition trampoline. Furthermore, there is an approx. 8 meters long slide, sandbox, nest swing, water playground and a small astroturf-covered soccer pitch.

Paradise at your doorstep

Of course, adventures for children during a vacation at the Julisam Retreat do not end at the property line:

There are some of the nicest personal ski instructors and cycling coaches to guide your children in these wonderful sports disciplines and ensure that they have fun, too.

There are also beautiful excursion destinations in the surrounding region for both summer and winter: For example, in summer we recommend a visit to “Klangstation” (Sound Station) at the mid-station of the Asitz lift or the summer sledding slope at Biberg mountain. In winter, younger children can spend time at “Leos Kinderland” in direct proximity of the Asitz valley station while the older ones conquer the mountain with their ski or snowboard instructor.

Of course, all practical needs are covered: For younger children, we are happy to provide children’s beds and chairs and add child safety features to the staircases.

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Ultra luxury vacation home for families
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Julisam: Children's Play Paradise

You are our guest, so we will treat you like royalty.
For everything we organize for you, we focus on your wishes exclusively.

Hospitality and service

That’s why Julisam offers not only self-catering or full service but everything in between and beyond.

You may feel like enjoying the luxurious experience of Julisam all by yourself, with your family or your friends, cooking your own meals in complete peace and privacy and only having groceries delivered.

Perhaps you would prefer the chef, the chauffeur and the housekeeper in order to have the freedom to completely let go, without having to do anything – except to relax. Plus a massage therapist and a personal trainer?

Then again, you might just have a completely individualized solution in mind. For example, a dinner menu with multiple courses only on Sunday, accompanied by a chamber music trio around the grand piano at the house, as a diversion from the beautiful peace and quiet of your mountain retreat?

Alternatively, we would also be happy to book a table for you in one of the region’s many top restaurants, drive you there and pick you up again. Or we can take you to an event in Kitzbühel or Salzburg.

The children

We are also happy to take care of the vacation amusement of our youngest guests: from loving child carers at the house to ski instructors on the slope – Julisam is a paradise for children, too.

The concierge

Daniel Wurmbauer is your go-to who fulfills all these promises.

He is available as a concierge, coach and organizer during your stay – by phone, WhatsApp or in person.

He amassed an extensive network of professionals and service providers that includes personal trainers, therapists, chefs, musicians, etc. as well as event and excursion organizers who will be happy e.g. to take you to lunch in Venice by helicopter after you had breakfast on the patio in Leogang ...

These and other possibilities can open the door to making your vacation experience unforgettable.

01:20 min
Julisam: Service as desired
00:57 min
Julisam: Excursions and Events


  • The chalet with pool, cinema, gym, almost 1,000 square meters and 10 beds, self-catered starting at EUR 35,000 per week in summer, EUR 45,000 in winter.
  • The estate, consisting of the chalet and the guesthouse with 20 beds and 1,800 square meters, self-catered starting at EUR 44,000 in summer, EUR 63,000 in winter.

Please inquire about your desired dates and the anticipated number of your fellow travelers:


+43 660 837 50 22

Facts and Figures

  • Only 80 kilometers (50 miles) from Salzburg
  • 5 bedrooms in the Chalet,  a further 5 bedrooms in the adjoining Guesthouse.
  • 14-meter indoor pool, gym, movie theater
  • 1,800 square meters of floor space in 2 buildings with 2 living rooms and kitchens

General Information and Technology

  • 1,800 square meters of floor space, distributed over 2 buildings
  • 10 bedrooms, 8 of them with an en-suite bathroom, and a family suite with a large, shared bathroom
  • 10 garage spaces
  • Elevator
  • Heating system with geothermal heat pumps
  • Independent power generation with photovoltaics
  • Completely CO2-free operation
  • Automatic aeration with air humidification and heat recovery
  • Triple thermal insulation glazing

Living Rooms

  • 2 living rooms with soaring 5-meter cathedral ceilings and floor-to-ceiling high windows, fully equipped gourmet kitchen and dining table for 10 people
  • Seating group on a revolving platform
  • 2 recessable large-screen TV sets with PlayStation
  • 2 effect fireplaces with water vapor
  • Yamaha disk grand piano with electromechanical self-playing option
  • Stainless steel pool table by Mitchell

Patios and Exterior Areas

  • 2 patios, encircling each house
  • 2 Napoleon grills with “sizzle zone”
  • Hot tub
  • 2 shaded dining sets for 10 people each
  • 3 lounge sets for 10 people each
  • Atrium with fire pit on the wellness level
  • 2 large sculptures by David Harber


  • 10 bedrooms whose design follows the themes of gold, moss, mountain lake, horizon and flowers
  • 8 of these bedrooms include en-suite bathrooms, and one family suite with a large, shared bathroom
  • 10 beds with a recessable TV set at the foot of the bed and Sonos sound system
  • All bedrooms with double (blackout) curtains
  • Sound-insulated doors
  • Box spring beds by Wittmann, 5 of them height-adjustable, furnished with a mattress topper upon request
  • All bedrooms include high-quality original artwork matching the above-mentioned themes
  • All beds 2 x 2 m

Wellness and Exercise

  • 14-meter stainless steel pool with waterfall
  • Whirlpool with 6 seats
  • Play fountain area for kids, with warm water floor jets and virtual, interactive aquarium
  • Gym with Technogym cardio equipment and Life Fitness weightlifting station
  • Indoor rock climbing wall
  • 2 KLAFS designer saunas
  • Exterior seating group with shade sail

Julisam for Kids

  • 2 outdoor playgrounds with an area of more than 400 square meters: Large slide, fountain play area, small soccer field, 2 competition trampolines, sandbox, swing set, etc.
  • lndoor play paradise by Wehrfritz with playhouses, tunnel runs, slide for toddlers, ball pool, toy shop, large screen with PlayStation, etc.
  • 4 PlayStations, one with a 3.6-meter screen in the movie room
  • Interactive monitors in the elevator (virtual mountain ride) and at the swimming pool (virtual aquarium)
  • Child safety features on staircases, bed guards to prevent falls on beds and children’s beds, children’s high chairs

Music and Movies

  • Home movie theater with near-wall laser projector by Sony and adjustable leather reclining chairs
  • K-Array surround sound system with amplifier by Marantz
  • Virtual starry sky with an original photo of the sky over Leogang
  • Yamaha disk grand piano with self-playing option
  • Professional K-Array sound systems in the living rooms
  • Sonos systems in all other rooms

The surroundings: Facts and Figures

The location

At 100 meters altitude, Julisam is perched high above the charming town of Leogang with its historic roots and its ideal connection to a gigantic ski resort. 5 minutes from restaurants and shopping options, 10 minutes from the cableways

Conveniently located between various international airports:

Salzburg ≈ 1 hour
Innsbruck ≈ 2 hours
Munich ≈ 2.5 hours
We would be happy to pick you up and take you there.

Located amidst of some of Europe’s most romantic old towns:

With our chauffeur service or your own car, you can reach

Kitzbühel in ≈ 45 minutes
Salzburg (old town center) in ≈ 70 minutes
Kufstein in ≈ 60 minutes
Rattenberg in ≈75 minutes
Innsbruck in ≈ 2 hours

Helicopter service is available for you to not only experience beautiful panoramic vistas in-flight, but you can also reach Venice in ≈ 60 minutes.

Winter Sports

With the SuperSkiCard you have

  • 2,750 (!) kilometers of ski slopes with
  • 900 (!) mountain railways and ski lifts

to choose from.

From the Mt. Kitzsteinhorn glacier at an altitude of 3,029 meters above

  • Kitzbühel and
  • the Hochkönig region
  • to the Dachstein glacier, you can ski a different area every day.

All that with more than 2,200 meters of cumulative elevation gain!

A very special challenge: “The Challenge” – a 7-hour round trip without ever using the same lift twice! 65 slope kilometers, 32 lifts, 12,400 meters of cumulative elevation gain


  • 9 snowboarding parks in the closer surroundings of Leogang alone
  • Freeriders find their personal paradise e.g. in Fieberbrunn, which, with an annual snowfall of 4.3 meters, has the most abundant snow in the Kitzbühel Alps.
  • This is where the Freeride World Tour is held annually.

Cross-country Skiing::
Saalfelden/Leogang alone has more than 150 kilometers of prepared tracks

Sledding and night sledding on the Asitz and Biberg mountains

Spectator Sports:

  • The so-called “Hahnenkamm-Rennen” ski race (at the “Streif” racing slope ) every year at the end of January in Kitzbühel (40 km away)
  • FIS 2025 Alpine Ski World Cup in Saalbach, regular alpine World Cup races
  • IBU Biathlon World Cup in Hochfilzen

Summer Sports


  • 4 golf courses within a half-hour drive
  • 15 golf courses within a 70-kilometer radius


  • Austria’s largest region for biking:
  • 9 mountain railways on 7 mountains with 80 kilometers of lines and trails
  • Top-grade biking park
  • Organizer of the MTB World Championships
  • For more information on the endless mountain biking, e-bike and valley cycling trails, please visit

About 400 kilometers of hiking trails for all levels of difficulty – hiking maps for all skill levels are available at


  • Climbing routes in the Steinberg mountains of Leogang or at the Steinernes Meer (“Rocky Sea”) plateau can be found here:
  • There are also two rock-climbing gyms in Saalfelden and Leogang.

Lake Zeller See, which is about 30 minutes by car, is a well-known sailing area, which has even brought forth an Olympic medal winner. For more details, please visit

A paradise for gourmets

  • During a one-week stay, you can dine at a different Michelin-star restaurant every night: 14 stars in the gourmet guide Gault-Millau, shared by 7 restaurants, are available in Saalfelden/Leogang.
  • Within the SuperSkiCard region, you can visit more than 700 (!) mountain cabins.
  • Tripadvisor features about 200 restaurants in Leogang, Saalfelden and Zell am See.

Surrounded by breathtaking nature

The irresistible beauty of the Leogang valley with the spectacular rock faces of the Birnhorn mountain in the north and the harmonious grassy mountains in the south is surrounded by breathtaking natural monuments, for example:

  • Mount Grossglockner with its famous high alpine road Hochalpenstrasse
  • Kitzsteinhorn mountain with the “Gipfelwelt 3000” viewing platform
  • The Saalachtal valley’s exhilarating power of nature with 2 dizzying gorge hikes and the Lamprechtshöhle cave
  • The Hohe Tauern national park with such attractions as the Krimml Waterfalls or the Mittersill national park center are virtually on your doorstep.

A paradise for children:

  • Depending on their ages, paradise starts right in the forest behind the house or by the brook at the end of Sonnbergstrasse.
  • The Senses Park at the mid-station of the Asitz lift
  • Play trails and art hiking trails
  • Leo’s Kinderland at the Asitz valley station
  • Summer and winter sledding slopes at the Asitz and Biberg mountains
  • Ferleiten wildlife and adventure park, Aurach wildlife park near Kitzbühel
  • Glemmtal Tree-Top Trail
  • High Ropes Park in Saalbach
  • Familienland amusement park at Pillersee Valley
  • Children’s Paradise Maisiflitzer near Kaprun, etc., etc., etc.